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file0001860226169On May 22nd, the task force on Sustainable Revenues for Supportive Housing Services recommended a plan to the Washtenaw County Commissioners, to create 500 or more units of housing to help the homeless. The goal is to have the housing and supportive services paid for through a millage and endowment fund. An endowment fund was established in 2011 and has $2.1 million in commitments to date.

The Platt Road Site Community Advisory Committee met on June 11th and is moving forward to the next stage in the design process for the best use of the parcel that held the Washtenaw County Juvenile Center. This is expected to take several months and they want community imput. The main event will be a public multi-day design session. The public will be able to work with urban designers, architects and landscape designers, making use of their skills to create something tangible.

Source: The Ann Arbor Chronicle

Source:  The Ann Arbor News